Premier Forest Products Set to Chop, Sell South Wales Sawmill for a Fresh Start!

"Premier Forest Products Sells Croespenmaen Sawmill Assets to SDL Sawmills Ltd, Ensuring Continuity of Operations and Staff Retention"

Premier Forest Products, a timber supplier, has recently finalized an agreement to sell the assets of its sawmill in Croespenmaen near Crumlin, South Wales to SDL Sawmills Ltd. This mutually beneficial deal will see SDL Sawmills take over the site and retain the existing staff, ensuring the continuation of full-scale milling activities. Premier Forest, on the other hand, will maintain its role as a supplier, providing the finished sawn products from the mill to its diverse customer base. Additionally, Premier Forest will purchase all of SDL’s sawn products, fencing materials, fence panels, sleepers, pallet wood, and sawn timber, thereby securing a steady supply for its own operations.

The sale of the Croespenmaen sawmill marks a significant development for both Premier Forest Products and SDL Sawmills. Premier Forest, a leading timber supplier in the UK and Ireland, has been operating the sawmill for many years. However, the decision to sell the assets aligns with the company’s strategic focus on its core business operations and expansion plans in other areas. By divesting the sawmill, Premier Forest can streamline its operations and concentrate on its expertise in timber sourcing, processing, and distribution.

For SDL Sawmills, the acquisition of the Croespenmaen sawmill presents an exciting opportunity for growth and expansion. The company, known for its high-quality sawn timber products, will now have access to a fully operational sawmill with an established customer base. By taking over the site and retaining the existing staff, SDL Sawmills can seamlessly continue the milling activities and build upon the sawmill’s reputation for excellence.

Both Premier Forest Products and SDL Sawmills have expressed their satisfaction with the agreement. The continuity of operations at the Croespenmaen sawmill ensures job security for the existing staff, who have played a crucial role in the sawmill’s success. Furthermore, Premier Forest’s commitment to purchasing SDL’s products guarantees a reliable market for the sawn timber and other materials produced at the sawmill.

The completion of this deal highlights the resilience and adaptability of the timber industry, particularly in the face of challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the uncertain economic climate, Premier Forest Products and SDL Sawmills have demonstrated their commitment to the industry and their confidence in its future prospects.

Premier Forest Products will now focus on its core operations, which include timber importing, processing, and distribution. The company has a strong presence in the UK and Ireland, supplying a wide range of timber products to various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and DIY. With a diverse customer base and a reputation for quality and reliability, Premier Forest is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory.

Meanwhile, SDL Sawmills will work towards optimizing the operations at the Croespenmaen sawmill and expanding its product offerings. The company’s expertise in producing high-quality sawn timber and fencing materials will be further enhanced by the acquisition. By leveraging the existing infrastructure and the skills of the experienced staff, SDL Sawmills aims to strengthen its position in the market and capitalize on the growing demand for timber products.

In conclusion, the sale of Premier Forest Products’ sawmill assets in Croespenmaen to SDL Sawmills marks a significant milestone for both companies. Premier Forest’s strategic decision to divest the sawmill allows the company to focus on its core operations and growth plans, while SDL Sawmills gains a fully operational sawmill and an established customer base. This mutually beneficial agreement ensures job security for the existing staff and guarantees a reliable supply of sawn timber and other materials for Premier Forest. The completion of the deal reflects the resilience and confidence in the timber industry, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Premier Forest Products and SDL Sawmills are well-positioned to thrive in their respective areas of expertise and contribute to the continued growth of the industry.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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