Bergs Timber Makes a Bold Move: Branching Out into the World of Furniture!

"Bergs Timber AB Expands Wood Processing Empire with Acquisition of Hedlunda Holding AB"

Bergs Timber AB has recently completed the acquisition of all shares in Hedlunda Holding AB, a leading manufacturer of wooden furniture and components. With production facilities in Lycksele, Sweden, and Skoczów, Poland, Hedlunda has established itself as a state-of-the-art player in the industry.

This strategic move, as stated in a company press release, not only strengthens Bergs Timber’s position in wood processing but also marks a significant expansion into the furniture sector. By combining Hedlunda’s expertise with Bergs Timber’s existing business in component sales to industrial customers, the acquisition will give rise to a new product area called Furniture & Components.

The purchase price for Hedlunda Holding AB was agreed upon on a cash and debt-free basis, and the transaction has now been successfully finalized. The exact details of the financial agreement, however, have not been disclosed to the public.

This acquisition is expected to bring several benefits to Bergs Timber. Firstly, it will enhance the company’s capabilities in wood processing, allowing for increased efficiency and a wider range of offerings. Additionally, by entering the furniture sector, Bergs Timber can tap into new market opportunities and diversify its revenue streams.

Hedlunda Holding AB, with its well-established production facilities, will play a crucial role in this new venture. The company’s manufacturing sites in Lycksele and Skoczów are known for their state-of-the-art equipment and skilled workforce, ensuring the production of high-quality wooden furniture and components.

Bergs Timber has expressed its excitement about the acquisition and the potential it holds for future growth. The company believes that the combination of its existing business and Hedlunda’s expertise will create synergies and open up new possibilities in the furniture and component market.

The acquisition of Hedlunda Holding AB is in line with Bergs Timber’s long-term strategy to strengthen its position in the wood processing industry. By expanding its operations and entering new sectors, the company aims to solidify its presence and maximize its profitability.

As the transaction has been successfully completed, Bergs Timber is now focused on integrating Hedlunda Holding AB into its existing business structure. This process will involve aligning operations, streamlining processes, and leveraging shared resources to optimize efficiency and drive growth.

Overall, the acquisition of Hedlunda Holding AB represents a significant milestone for Bergs Timber. With this strategic move, the company is poised to enhance its position in the wood processing industry and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the furniture sector. As the integration process unfolds, Bergs Timber will be closely watched by industry experts and stakeholders to see how it leverages this new venture for long-term success.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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