Groundbreaking Carbon Capture Technology Lands Capture6 a Whopping $8M Grant

"California Startup Capture6 Receives Record $8 Million Grant to Revolutionize Carbon Capture Industry"

Capture6, a California-based startup specializing in climate resilience and industrial decarbonization, has received a grant exceeding $8 million from the California Energy Commission. This funding, the largest in the current round of the Commercialization Industrial Decarbonization (CID) Program, will support the company’s Project Monarch at the Pure Water Antelope Valley (PWAV) Demonstration Facility.

Capture6 focuses on direct air capture (DAC) and develops scalable approaches to removing carbon dioxide. Project Monarch will demonstrate the use of saltwater separation technology to remove CO2. This unique approach integrates DAC with water treatment technologies, creating a circular economy solution. By using brine, a byproduct of water treatment facilities, Capture6 produces a solvent that captures atmospheric carbon dioxide, resulting in additional freshwater and reduced CO2 emissions.

Water security is a global concern, with demand projected to surge by 55% by 2050. Traditional water sources often require significant treatment before use, and the startup’s technology offers a solution to this escalating environmental crisis. Capture6’s carbon removal solvent, created from saltwater, allows the recovery of over 50% of freshwater from desalination waste brine. This process not only provides drinking and industrial water but also captures CO2 and eliminates waste brine.

The grant application was a collaborative effort involving Capture6, PSE Healthy Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and Stantec. The Palmdale Water District (PWD) will partner with Capture6 to develop the PWAV Demonstration Facility, which will showcase the startup’s technology and PWD’s advanced water purification. Berkeley Lab will play a crucial role in the project, developing a comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and verification protocol. They will also conduct a life cycle analysis, while PSE Healthy Energy will lead air pollutant assessments.

Dr. Ethan Cohen-Cole, CEO and co-founder of Capture6, expressed his gratitude for the grant, stating, “It represents one of the largest state-funded DAC investments to date. It confirms our process is viable in decarbonizing industries while reducing emissions and increasing freshwater supplies.”

The Pure Water Antelope Valley Demonstration Facility, including Project Monarch, will be the first fully integrated water management and CO2 removal facility of its kind. Project Monarch is a two-phase initiative with the ultimate goal of developing a large-scale commercial facility. Capture6’s carbon capture process has the potential for global replication, and the company is actively pursuing opportunities in New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, and across the US.

The CID Program is part of the California Energy Commission’s efforts to create a clean, modern, and thriving California. As the state’s primary energy policy and planning agency, the Commission plays a pivotal role in supporting the transition to a clean energy economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Capture6’s innovative technology and the recent grant from the California Energy Commission mark a significant stride in the fight against climate change. The company’s unique approach to carbon capture and water treatment could be a game-changer in the global effort to reduce CO2 emissions and secure water supplies.

Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons is the founder of Forestry & Carbon. Matt has over 25 years as a forestry consultant and is invoilved in numerous carbon credit offset projects.

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