Kronospan’s Bold Move: EUR 20 Million Investment in Kyiv Logistics Center Defying War Challenges

Kronospan Group Invests Over EUR 20 Million in New Logistics Center in Ukraine's Kyiv Region, Boosting Woodworking Enterprises

Kronospan Group, a prominent woodworking company with operations in Ukraine, has recently invested over EUR 20 million in the establishment of a state-of-the-art logistics center in the village of Kalynivka, located in the Kyiv region. This significant investment demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing its logistical capabilities despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict and disrupted supply routes in the region.

Natalia Pokinska, the General Director of Kronospan Ukraine, highlighted the importance of this new logistics center in overcoming the obstacles faced by the company. She stated, “In the midst of a full-scale war and unfavorable conditions that have disrupted logistics routes, we have made a substantial investment of over EUR 20 million in a logistics center near Kyiv. The primary objective of this facility is to efficiently handle road and rail cargo from international sources.”

The establishment of the logistics center in Kalynivka is a strategic move by Kronospan Group to streamline its supply chain and improve the overall efficiency of its operations in Ukraine. The center is equipped with modern infrastructure and advanced technologies to facilitate the smooth flow of goods, ensuring timely deliveries and minimizing disruptions caused by external factors.

The location of the logistics center in close proximity to Kyiv offers several advantages. It provides easy access to major transportation networks, including road and rail links, which are vital for the transportation of raw materials and finished products. Additionally, the center’s strategic location enables Kronospan Ukraine to effectively serve both domestic and international markets, enhancing its competitiveness in the woodworking industry.

The investment in the logistics center also reflects Kronospan Group’s long-term commitment to the Ukrainian market. Despite the challenging geopolitical situation, the company remains dedicated to expanding its operations and contributing to the country’s economic development. The establishment of the logistics center not only creates new job opportunities but also strengthens the local economy by attracting other businesses and fostering economic growth in the region.

Moreover, the investment in the logistics center aligns with Kronospan Group’s sustainability goals. The company aims to minimize its environmental impact by optimizing transportation routes and reducing carbon emissions. By consolidating its operations in a centralized logistics hub, Kronospan Ukraine can achieve greater efficiency in transportation, leading to reduced fuel consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

The successful completion and operation of the logistics center in Kalynivka is a testament to Kronospan Group’s expertise and commitment to excellence. The company’s investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure demonstrates its determination to overcome challenges and ensure the smooth functioning of its supply chain. With this new facility, Kronospan Ukraine is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for its products, strengthen its market position, and contribute to the economic prosperity of the region.

In conclusion, Kronospan Group’s investment of over EUR 20 million in the establishment of a logistics center in Kalynivka, Ukraine, showcases its dedication to improving operational efficiency and overcoming logistical challenges. This strategic move not only strengthens the company’s supply chain but also contributes to the economic development of the region. With its modern infrastructure and sustainable practices, the logistics center positions Kronospan Ukraine as a leading player in the woodworking industry, capable of meeting the demands of domestic and international markets.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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