Timber Troubles: Latvia’s Logging Restrictions and Dropping Demand Send Log Prices Plummeting

"Construction Slump in Baltic Sea Region Leads to Decreased Demand and Plummeting Prices in Latvia's Wood Market"

Construction volumes in the Baltic Sea region have witnessed a significant decline, leading to a reduced demand for construction materials. Consequently, the wood industry has been adversely affected, experiencing a decline in the demand for various wood products. This downturn has resulted in falling prices across all market segments in Latvia’s wood market during the month of June.

In June, the average price of small-diameter sawlogs made from spruce and pine dropped by approximately 5%. This decrease can be attributed to the declining price of pulpwood from these species. Furthermore, birch veneer blocks experienced a sharper decline in price during June compared to the previous month of May. The exact percentage of the decline is yet to be determined.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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