Irish Journalist: NBA Icon Rick Fox Constructs Revolutionary Carbon Negative Residence

"Partanna Global Unveils World's First Climate-Resilient, Carbon-Negative 'Home for the World' in the Bahamas, Revolutionizing Sustainable Housing"

Partanna Global, a sustainable building materials startup founded by NBA Lakers legend and actor Rick Fox in 2021, has unveiled the world’s first climate-resilient, carbon-negative ‘Home for the World’ in the Bahamas. This groundbreaking achievement marks a significant breakthrough in sustainable housing.

The 1,250 square-foot house actively eliminates and prevents 182.6 metric tons of CO2, equivalent to the annual carbon intake of 5,200 mature trees. In contrast, a typical concrete-built home emits 70.2 tons of CO2 during production. The built environment is responsible for approximately 40% of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, making sustainable alternatives to traditional concrete crucial.

Partanna’s technology sets it apart from other startups in the field. Instead of using cement, the company utilizes slag and brine, waste materials obtained from energy-intensive steel and desalination facilities. Furthermore, Partanna’s concrete mix cures at ambient temperatures, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. The material’s curing process, known as ‘carbonation,’ continues to remove carbon from the air even after construction, similar to the way trees absorb carbon.

According to Partanna, a 1,250 sq. ft. home can remove 130 Mt of CO2 and avoid another 54 Mt, resulting in a total of around 184 Mt of avoided and removed CO2 per house. Additionally, Partanna’s standard concrete masonry unit (CMU) block is 25% stronger than traditional CMU, making it ideal for weathering storms and sea level rise.

Partanna’s prototype home in Nassau is the first of 1,000 planned homes announced in partnership with the Bahamian government in 2020. The collaboration came after hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, affecting 29,500 people. In February 2022, Richard Branson’s Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA) also joined forces with Partanna to develop the world’s first carbon-negative housing community. The CCSA aims to build resilient nations, cities, and industries across the Caribbean and create a climate-smart zone.

Hon. Philip Davis, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Bahamas, praised Partanna’s innovative approach to the climate crisis. He emphasized the importance of climate-resilient solutions for the disaster-stricken nation and the global fight against global warming. While nobody currently resides in the prototype carbon-negative home, the upcoming houses will be available for first-time homeowners. Partanna plans to construct 29 more homes by 2024.

Apart from providing a sustainable housing solution, Partanna Global is committed to meeting global construction material standards and has secured prestigious certifications. Its carbon-negative concrete boasts exceptional strength, surpassing traditional materials. If the pilot construction in the Bahamas proves successful, the company plans to expand production into the United States, aiming to make its climate-friendly concrete a mainstream material that addresses both the global housing demand and carbon emission reduction goals. Partanna is actively seeking strategic partners to revolutionize large-scale developments worldwide.

Partanna’s carbon removal has been approved by Verra, the world’s largest carbon crediting program, and listed on its VCS registry. These verified carbon-absorbing building materials generate carbon credits, with each credit representing a metric ton of avoided or removed CO2. Given the increasing impact of extreme weather events and rising sea levels, Partanna’s fortified construction material offers a sturdy and sustainable alternative, particularly beneficial for regions vulnerable to climate-related hazards, such as the Caribbean.

Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons is the founder of Forestry & Carbon. Matt has over 25 years as a forestry consultant and is invoilved in numerous carbon credit offset projects.

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