Norvik Makes Bold Move: Public Takeover Offer Extended to Bergs Timber

"Norvik hf's Subsidiary, Kivron AB, Launches Takeover Bid for Bergs Timber AB at a Premium Price"

Norvik hf, a company based in Iceland, has made a public announcement regarding its intention to acquire Bergs Timber AB. This acquisition offer, made through Norvik’s subsidiary Kivron AB, amounts to SEK 44.50 (EUR 3.78) per share. In total, the offer is valued at approximately SEK 1.54 billion (EUR 130.9 million). Bergs Timber, a Swedish company, has confirmed this development.

The offer presented by Norvik represents a substantial premium of 86.2% over the closing price of SEK 23.90 (EUR 2.03) on Nasdaq Stockholm, as recorded on October 26, 2023. This significant increase in price indicates the confidence Norvik has in the potential of Bergs Timber.

Prior to this announcement, Bergs Timber had reported a decline of 37% in its third-quarter EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization). This decline was attributed to the weak performance of the construction industry. These financial results may have influenced Norvik’s decision to make an offer to acquire the company.

It is worth noting that Norvik is already the largest shareholder of Bergs Timber, holding 58.67% of the company’s shares. This existing ownership position gives Norvik a significant influence over the future of Bergs Timber. The conditions set by Norvik for this takeover offer include obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals and support from other shareholders.

This acquisition offer has attracted attention from industry observers and analysts. It is seen as a strategic move by Norvik to further strengthen its position in the timber industry. If successful, this acquisition would allow Norvik to expand its operations and potentially increase its market share.

The timber industry plays a vital role in the Swedish economy, contributing to employment and export revenues. Bergs Timber, with its long history and established presence in the industry, is an attractive target for acquisition. The company operates in both Sweden and Latvia, with a focus on sustainable forestry practices.

The outcome of this takeover offer will have implications for the future of Bergs Timber and the timber industry as a whole. It will be interesting to see how other shareholders respond to Norvik’s offer and whether any competing bids emerge. The final decision will ultimately rest with the shareholders, who will carefully consider the terms and potential benefits of the acquisition.

As this story develops, it will be important to monitor any updates from Norvik and Bergs Timber regarding the progress of the acquisition offer. The impact of this potential acquisition on the timber industry in Sweden and the wider Nordic region cannot be underestimated. The outcome of this process will shape the future landscape of the industry and may lead to further consolidation or strategic partnerships.

In conclusion, Norvik hf, through its subsidiary Kivron AB, has made a takeover offer for Bergs Timber AB. This offer represents a significant premium over the current share price and has the potential to reshape the timber industry in Sweden. The conditions set by Norvik for the offer will determine the success of the acquisition. The outcome of this process will be eagerly awaited by industry stakeholders and may have far-reaching implications for the future of Bergs Timber and the timber industry as a whole.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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