Södra’s Timber Price Hike Sets Spruce and Pine Market Ablaze!

"Södra Responds to High Demand for Forest Raw Materials by Raising Prices for Spruce and Pine Timber"

Demand for forest raw materials from family forestry remains strong, leading to an increase in prices by Södra, a leading Swedish forestry cooperative. Effective from October 9, Södra will raise the prices for spruce and pine timber, as well as fuelwood, in response to the continued high demand in the timber market and Södra’s industries. Södra’s assessments indicate a sustained need for forest raw materials, particularly for spruce, pine, and fuelwood. Consequently, Södra has decided to implement a price increase of SEK 30/m³fub for spruce and pine timber, and SEK 20/m³fub for fuelwood, starting from October 9.

This price increase will have implications for both Södra and its customers. While Södra aims to ensure a fair and sustainable market for forest raw materials, it also acknowledges the importance of meeting the needs of its customers during the winter season. By adjusting the prices, Södra hopes to strike a balance between profitability and maintaining a steady supply of timber and fuelwood.

The decision to raise prices comes as a result of the positive market conditions and the ongoing demand for forest raw materials. Södra’s assessments have consistently shown a strong demand for timber, particularly from spruce and pine. This demand is driven by various factors, including the construction industry’s need for building materials and the growing popularity of wood as a sustainable and renewable resource.

Södra’s commitment to sustainable forestry practices is evident in its decision to increase prices. By ensuring a fair return for forest owners, Södra aims to encourage responsible forest management and promote the long-term viability of the industry. This approach aligns with Södra’s broader mission of fostering sustainable development and ensuring the availability of forest raw materials for future generations.

The price increase will have an impact on the overall cost of timber and fuelwood. However, Södra believes that this adjustment is necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced market. It also reflects the rising costs associated with harvesting, processing, and transporting forest raw materials. Södra remains committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers, and this price increase is a reflection of that commitment.

While the price increase may pose challenges for some customers, Södra is confident that the market will adjust accordingly. Södra’s ongoing assessments and market analysis will continue to inform its pricing decisions, ensuring that they remain fair, competitive, and responsive to the needs of both forest owners and customers.

In conclusion, Södra’s decision to raise prices for spruce, pine, and fuelwood is a response to the sustained demand for forest raw materials and the need to meet the requirements of both the timber market and Södra’s industries. This price increase reflects the current market conditions and the rising costs associated with forest management. Södra remains committed to sustainability and aims to strike a balance between profitability and maintaining a steady supply of timber and fuelwood.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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