The Cream of the Crop: Unveiling the Finalists for the National Dairy Show Innovation Awards

"Finalists Announced for AXA National Dairy Innovation Awards at Millstreet Ceremony"

15 companies have been named as finalists in this year’s AXA National Dairy Innovation Awards taking place on Friday night (October 13) at a ceremony in Millstreet, Co. Cork. The event forms part of the AXA National Dairy Show which returns to Green Glens Arena on Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14, with Agriland Media Group as the official media partner. The awards recognise a new product or service, which has been launched in the past 12 months, that has revolutionised some aspect of dairy farming. Along with an overall winner, there are awards in individual categories: science; technology; engineering; sustainability and best start-up. All trade stand exhibitors at the National Dairy Show were eligible to enter the competition. Judging of the finalists will be carried out at the show on Friday, with a prize ceremony that evening. The judges for each section come from agri-businesses and are experts in their respective fields.


The following companies have been selected as finalists in the science category:


The CirCool wash program has been developed by Biocel over the past three years to overcome problems with the supply of adequate hot water in milking parlours. It was also developed with the environment in mind saving 85% of water heating, with resultant savings in electricity and gas bills and reducing the carbon footprint of the dairy. CirCool cold wash detergent, available in powder and liquid form, is used in conjunction with CircoAcid3 and Serpent 15 and offers “the next generation of chlorine-free cleaning”.

Precision Microbes

Precision Microbes’ Liquid Pro Postbiotic for calves is the first product of its type globally for calves. The innovation is around the ability to have live beneficial micro-organisms in a liquid using acid-adapted technology. At higher doses, it can be used to help calves recover from diarrhoea, reducing the use and need for antibiotics. It can also be fed daily from birth to weaning to support gut health and the calf gut microbiome.

Grassland Agro

Cloverboost NK is a granular fertiliser designed specifically to match the unique requirements of the clover plant during its growing season. It contains a low nitrogen content to promote clover establishment with potassium for stolon development. In addition, it includes boron for nitrogen fixation and magnesium for the survival of nitrogen fixing bacteria. The product’s sodium content helps white clover establishment and sulphur for increased nitrogen uptake, fixation and conversion to true protein.


Deosan HH+ is a highly soluble liquid copper footbath aimed at preventing lameness. By harnessing copper in a liquid form, the product gains all of copper’s hoof hardening qualities. As all of the copper gets dissolved, the product is more economical and has less of an environmental impact.


OZOLEA-MAST supports tissue functionality by creating a film barrier in contact with the inner wall of the teat canal, allowing the tissue to proceed with autonomous regeneration. It helps to intervene at early signs detectable through milk observation at forestrip, reduce chronically high somatic cell count (SCC) values and implement a selective dry cow procedure. The main benefits are reduced milk loss, antibiotics use, and occurrence of clinical mastitis cases; increased cow longevity and more sustainable milk production.


DLF’s Ecotain Environmental Plantain combines four modes of action that work together to significantly reduce nitrate leaching from the ruminant urine patch – up to 89% depending on sward blend. Nitrogen is a critical nutrient for agricultural systems but when excess N escapes this system it becomes a problem for the environment. Nitrogen is a major pollutant coming from agriculture, especially N2O gas to the atmosphere and nitrate to waterways.


The ImmunIGY Bovine IgG test is able to rapidly and reliably demonstrate the level of antibodies (IgG) present in calves up to 42 days of age on farm. Using a novel lancet, blood samples can be collected by anyone. Data from animals between 14 and 42 days of age showed that animals of adequate IgG status demonstrated improved daily liveweight gains of up to 11% and up to a 46% reduction in antibiotic use. This allows identification of high-risk individuals but critically the opportunity to review colostrum management and improve performance in subsequent calves through rectification.


Tracesure Cattle XL, which can be used in any type of farming operation and feeding system, enables farmers to supply cattle weighing over 500kg with enough essential trace elements of cobalt, selenium, iodine, and copper for six months in one single application. It is equivalent to the application of two or more of the alternative boluses in the market. The new patented waxed-groove diffusion technology has enabled safe doubling up in the quantity of essential trace elements without the risk of toxicity.


The following companies have been selected as finalists in the engineering category:


Spreadit is an attachment that is retrofitted to a dribble or trailing shoe system either on a tanker or umbilical trailing hose system. These are used in the application of liquid organic manure (slurry) or digestate to grassland, grazing and silage fields as well as tillage enterprises for the production of crops etc. The award-winning patented kit has been designed to be fitted to either a dribble bar or trailing shoe in minutes.


The Mini Moo milk vending machine is the only Irish designed innovative solution to the growing demand for direct milk sales in Ireland and worldwide. The Mini Moo allows the farmer to achieve up to five times the price for their milk and allows the customers to taste nutritious milk with up to five different flavours. Using the latest world-leading sensors and touch screen technology the machine is able to allow a seamless transaction for all ages.

Calving Assist

This very simple harness was invented after founder, Jim Ryan suffered back trouble for many years. The harness works best in cases where cows need “a small assistance to calve”. The user can apply gentle pressure on the calf, while there is no pulling strain on the farmer hands, shoulder and lower back.

Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons is the founder of Forestry & Carbon. Matt has over 25 years as a forestry consultant and is invoilved in numerous carbon credit offset projects.

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