UPM Unveils Dynamic Leadership Shift with Appointment of New CEO

"UPM Announces Massimo Reynaudo as Next CEO, Jussi Pesonen to Retire in 2024"

UPM, the Finnish forest industry company, has announced the appointment of Massimo Reynaudo as its next CEO. Reynaudo, an Italian national, will assume the position at the beginning of next year. The current CEO, Jussi Pesonen, will continue in his role until the end of this year and then transition into an advisory position before retiring in April 2024. Reynaudo, born in 1969, has been with UPM since 2017 and is currently responsible for managing the UPM Communication Papers business. Prior to joining UPM, he held various management positions at Kimberly-Clark and other companies.

Henrik Ehrnrooth, the chairman of UPM’s board, commended Reynaudo’s international background and his vision for the company’s future. This appointment comes as UPM aims to further strengthen its position in the global forest industry and drive sustainable growth. Reynaudo’s extensive experience in the industry and his leadership skills make him a suitable candidate to lead UPM into the next phase of its development.

UPM is a leading forest industry company that specializes in the production of renewable and sustainable products. The company operates across six business areas, including UPM Biorefining, UPM Energy, UPM Raflatac, UPM Specialty Papers, UPM Communication Papers, and UPM Plywood. UPM’s products are used in various sectors, such as packaging, construction, and energy. The company is committed to promoting responsible forest management and reducing its environmental impact.

As the incoming CEO, Reynaudo will face several challenges and opportunities. One of the key priorities will be to continue driving UPM’s transformation towards a more sustainable and circular business model. This includes further developing UPM’s biofuels and biochemicals business, which plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy. Additionally, Reynaudo will need to navigate the evolving market dynamics and ensure UPM remains competitive in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

UPM has been actively investing in research and development to innovate and create new value-added products. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and has set ambitious targets to reduce its carbon emissions, improve resource efficiency, and promote biodiversity. UPM’s commitment to sustainability has been recognized globally, with the company consistently receiving high ratings in various sustainability rankings. Reynaudo will be expected to build upon this foundation and drive UPM’s sustainability agenda forward.

Furthermore, UPM has been actively exploring new business opportunities, including digitalization and the circular economy. The company has been investing in digital solutions to enhance its operations and improve customer experience. By leveraging technology and data, UPM aims to optimize its supply chain, increase efficiency, and deliver customized solutions to its customers. Reynaudo will need to continue driving UPM’s digital transformation and ensure the company remains at the forefront of innovation in the forest industry.

In conclusion, Massimo Reynaudo’s appointment as the next CEO of UPM marks an important milestone for the company. With his international background, extensive industry experience, and commitment to sustainability, Reynaudo is well-positioned to lead UPM into the future. The company’s focus on innovation, sustainability, and digitalization will be key drivers of its success, and Reynaudo will play a crucial role in realizing UPM’s strategic objectives. As UPM continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the forest industry, Reynaudo’s leadership will be instrumental in driving sustainable growth and creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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