Timber Fever Sweeps Austria: Softwood Logs Witness Soaring Demand and Prices in December

"Softwood Log Demand Rises in Austrian Sawmill Industry Amidst Low Roundwood Inventories and Unfavorable Weather Conditions"

Due to the current roundwood inventories of the Austrian sawmill industry being mostly below average, there has been a slight increase in the demand for softwood logs. This trend has been further reinforced by unfavorable weather conditions for timber harvesting. It is worth noting that isolated snow breakage damage caused by heavy rainfall in early December is not considered market-relevant. As long as quantities are quickly transported and taken over, there should be no significant impact.

Prices for Spruce A/C 2b+ have experienced a slight increase, particularly in the lower price range. Currently, the prices range nationwide between €82 and €100 per cubic meter.

In the hardwood log market, there have been hardly any changes compared to the previous month. Oak logs continue to dominate the market, with stable prices and steady demand. The market for beech logs remains balanced, with prices remaining unchanged. However, there has been a slight increase in demand for ash logs, leading to a slight price increase. Overall, the hardwood log market remains relatively stable.

Moving on to the softwood lumber market, the demand for construction timber has remained strong. This is mainly due to ongoing construction projects and the need for housing. However, the supply of softwood lumber has been limited, resulting in slightly higher prices. Despite the increase in prices, the demand has not been significantly affected, as construction projects continue to drive the market.

In terms of export, the demand for softwood lumber from Austria remains stable. Germany continues to be the largest export market for Austrian softwood lumber, followed by Italy and Switzerland. The demand from these countries has remained consistent, contributing to the overall stability of the export market.

In conclusion, the Austrian sawmill industry is currently facing challenges due to below-average roundwood inventories. The demand for softwood logs has increased, primarily driven by construction projects and limited supply. Prices have slightly risen, but the market remains stable. The hardwood log market, on the other hand, has seen minimal changes, with oak logs dominating the market. Overall, the industry is adapting to the current circumstances and working towards meeting the demand for lumber.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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