Timber Fever Sweeps Finland: Log Prices Shoot Up in December

"Finland's Spruce and Pine Log Prices Experience Modest Increase in December, Remain 5% Below Previous Year's Average"

The latest data from Finland reveals that the average price paid for spruce logs in December standing sales was EUR 71.0 per cubic metre, while the average price for pine logs stood at EUR 67.5. These prices experienced a slight increase compared to the previous month and ended up around 5% below the average prices for the entirety of the previous year, when adjusted for inflation.

Moving on to birch logs, the average price for the whole country was recorded at EUR 59.2. This figure represents a decrease of 2% compared to November but remains 15% higher than the average price for 2022.

Shifting focus to standing sales of pulpwood, the average price reached EUR 27.1 for the month of December. It is worth noting that this data only takes into account standing sales, and not the overall market conditions for the entire pulpwood sector.

These figures provide valuable insights into the current state of the Finnish timber market. Despite the slight increase in prices for spruce and pine logs, they still fall short of the average prices seen in the previous year. This may indicate a potential slowdown in the timber industry or other factors affecting the market.

Furthermore, the decrease in the average price of birch logs compared to the previous month could be attributed to various factors, such as changes in supply and demand dynamics or fluctuations in production costs. However, it is important to note that despite the monthly decrease, the average price for birch logs remains significantly higher than the average for the previous year.

It is crucial to consider the broader context when analyzing these figures. The timber industry is subject to various external factors, including global market conditions, environmental regulations, and economic trends. Therefore, fluctuations in prices should be viewed in light of these wider influences.

In conclusion, the average prices paid for spruce, pine, and birch logs in Finland during December’s standing sales have shown some interesting trends. While spruce and pine log prices experienced a slight increase compared to the previous month, they still fell short of the average prices for the previous year. On the other hand, birch log prices decreased compared to November but remained significantly higher than the average for 2022. These figures highlight the dynamic nature of the timber market and the need for continuous monitoring and analysis to understand the underlying factors at play.

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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