Timber Tides: Germany’s Wood Prices Show Signs of Resurgence, but 2024 Remains Shrouded in Uncertainty

"Concerns Mount as German Wood Prices Show Modest Recovery Amid Looming Sales Crisis"

Wood prices in Germany have experienced a slight recovery in recent times, although it is important to note that this does not signify a significant market shift. Concerns persist among some observers that a major sales crisis may still be on the horizon, as the construction industry continues to contract. As a result, hardwood prices are also facing mounting pressure.

Currently, the prices for fresh spruce logs in the main range are approximately 95 euros per cubic meter. However, it is worth mentioning that regional deviations of up to plus/minus 5 euros per cubic meter from this average are not uncommon. In terms of spruce A/C 2b+ prices, there has been a slight increase in certain regions, particularly within the lower price range.

Turning our attention to the main beetle areas…

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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