Miraculous Discovery: Filipino Rescuers Unearth Girl Alive 60 Hours After Devastating Landslide

"Miracle in the Philippines: Child Rescued from Landslide After Nearly 60 Hours"

“The miraculous rescue of a three-year-old child, nearly 60 hours after a devastating landslide struck a gold-mining village in the southern Philippines, has brought hope to a desperate situation. Searchers had already given up on finding more survivors, making the discovery of the girl a true miracle. The death toll has tragically risen to 27, as officials continue to assess the damage caused by the landslide.

Rescuers in Masara village on southern Mindanao island used their hands and shovels to tirelessly search for survivors. Edward Macapili, a disaster agency official from Davao de Oro province, described the rescue as a miracle, as searchers had believed that those missing were likely deceased. The resilience and survival of the young child has given hope to the rescuers, as children are typically less resilient than adults in such situations.

A video capturing the moment a rescuer carried the crying child, covered in mud, in his arms quickly spread on social media. The child appeared to have no visible injuries, according to Macapili. The girl’s father was able to see his child before she was taken to a medical facility. The Philippine Red Cross shared photos on Facebook of their workers carrying the girl, wrapped in an emergency blanket and connected to an oxygen tank, into a hospital in Mawab municipality.

The landslide occurred on Tuesday night, causing significant damage to houses and engulfing three buses and a jeepney that were waiting to transport workers from a goldmine. Landslides are a common risk in the Philippines due to the mountainous terrain, heavy rainfall, and extensive deforestation caused by mining, slash-and-burn farming, and illegal logging. The region has experienced intensified rain for weeks, resulting in numerous landslides and floods that have displaced tens of thousands of people, forcing them into emergency shelters.

Unfortunately, the search efforts were temporarily halted due to earthquakes that struck the Mindanao region. A magnitude 5.8 quake occurred at 11:22 am (03:22 GMT), followed by a second magnitude 5.4 tremor two hours later. Fortunately, there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from these earthquakes. The region has been destabilized by several major earthquakes in recent months, adding to the challenges faced by the affected communities.

Hundreds of families from Masara and four nearby villages have been forced to evacuate their homes and seek refuge in emergency centers due to the fear of further landslides. As a precautionary measure, schools across the municipality have suspended classes. It is worth noting that the area hit by the landslide had previously been declared a “no-build zone” after landslides occurred in 2007 and 2008. Despite this, some residents chose to return to the area, disregarding the risks involved.

The rescue of the young child has brought a glimmer of hope to an otherwise devastating situation. The resilience and determination of the rescuers, coupled with the support of organizations like the Philippine Red Cross, are crucial in providing aid and assistance to those affected by the landslide. Efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected communities will continue as they face the challenges of rebuilding and recovering from this tragic event.”

John O Mahony

John O Mahony

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