John Deere Forestry Machines Branch Out with Enhanced Power and Reach!

John Deere Introduces Cutting-Edge Forestry Machinery in Helsinki Launch Event

John Deere has recently unveiled its latest forestry machinery during a launch event held in Helsinki. The new machines introduced cover a wide range of functions, including both the harvesting and forwarding of timber. Known as the H Series harvesters and forwarders, these new models are said to offer enhanced productivity, reduced fuel consumption, improved stability, and better operator ergonomics. John Deere asserts that these latest machines are setting a new benchmark in forest machinery operations, emphasizing their commitment to product development, innovation, and technology to enhance business performance for their customers.

At the launch event, John Deere showcased its first H Series wheeled cut-to-length forest machine models. Among these, the 1270H and 1470H harvesters and the 2010H and 2510H forwarders stand out as part of the large size class models being introduced. Notably, the forwarder size class has been expanded to include the 20-ton load capacity 2010H and the 25-ton load capacity 2510H forwarders. Key features of the new harvesters include larger engines and new boom designs, aimed at improving overall performance.

The engines of the new H Series harvesters have been upgraded to deliver 10% more power and torque. Additionally, the machines now come equipped with new hydraulics featuring three dedicated pumps, resulting in increased power output and a faster work rate. The introduction of the new Active Frame Lock system enhances stability during operations, whether on steep slopes or level ground, making it easier for operators to maneuver the boom sideways and expanding the working area. John Deere has placed a strong emphasis on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of its forwarders as well.

The new large size class 20-ton and 25-ton forwarders introduced by John Deere boast a 25% greater load capacity compared to previous models. Notably, the 2510H version features a new twin motor driveline that enables a 50% faster driving speed, providing operators with increased efficiency. The F10 forwarder now offers an extended reach of 10.2 meters, while the F9 boom boasts a reach of 10.7 meters. Both forwarders have seen improvements in hydraulic hoses and routings to enhance performance and durability.

According to John Deere, the F10 forwarder now features the strongest boom in the market, with a 40% increase in lift torque and a 22% higher slewing torque. The company has also introduced larger grapple options to cater to various needs. The F9 boom has seen a 13% boost in boom lift torque and a 10% increase in slewing torque, further enhancing its capabilities. John Deere has redesigned the geometry of the booms, incorporating five joint connections between the main boom and jib boom to improve controllability and load handling accuracy. To facilitate operations on steep slopes, the backward tilt angle of the boom has been increased to 22 degrees, enhancing the slewing function.

John Deere’s latest forestry machines represent a significant advancement in the industry, offering improved performance, efficiency, and operator comfort. The company’s focus on innovation and technology is evident in the new H Series harvesters and forwarders, which are set to raise the bar for forest machinery operations. With a strong emphasis on productivity, fuel efficiency, and stability, these new machines are poised to deliver enhanced business performance for John Deere’s customers.

Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons is the founder of Forestry & Carbon. Matt has over 25 years as a forestry consultant and is invoilved in numerous carbon credit offset projects.

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