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Lakeland Dairies Boosts Milk Price for June, Bringing Relief to Irish Farmers

Lakeland Dairies Raises Milk Price for June

The board of Lakeland Dairies has announced an increase in the price for milk supplied in June. The base price, set at 43.5c/L in the Republic of Ireland, reflects a rise from the previous month. This figure includes a 0.5c/L Sustainability Incentive Payment. In Northern Ireland, a base price of 35.8p/L will be paid for June’s milk, also inclusive of the Sustainability Incentive Payment. The dairy co-op noted that market conditions have remained largely steady, with no significant shifts in supply and demand dynamics. Despite improved weather and grazing conditions, challenges persist for farmers.

Ornua PPI Update

Meanwhile, Ornua’s Monthly Purchase Price Index (PPI) for June has climbed to 140.8 from the previous month’s 135.6. This increase suggests an indicative return of 41.5c/L, inclusive of VAT, for milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein, net of Ornua’s marketing costs. The latest PPI marks a 1.9c/L rise from the previous month’s figure of 39.6c/L. Ornua attributed this improvement to enhanced market returns throughout June. Additionally, Ornua has allocated a Value Payment of €14 million to member co-operatives for June, equating to 5.8% of gross purchases. The estimate for member co-operatives’ processing costs remains at 8.6c/L.

Global Dairy Trade Decline

The recent announcement of increased milk prices comes in the wake of a significant downturn in the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) following the latest trading event on July 2. The index plummeted by 6.9%, marking the sharpest decline of the year. The index figure has dropped from 1,157 to 1,077, the lowest since late March. This development underscores the volatility in the global dairy market.

Northern Ireland Organizations Call for Responsible Dog Ownership

Northern Ireland Water, the Mourne Heritage Trust, and the National Trust have jointly issued a call for dog owners to keep their pets under control following a series of livestock attacks. These organizations are urging dog owners to ‘take the lead in the Mournes’ to raise awareness about the impact of off-leash dogs on livestock and wildlife. Livestock attacks have become a pressing concern in the Mournes, with incidents resulting in significant harm to animals. The organizations highlighted the importance of responsible dog ownership in protecting the region’s biodiversity and traditional farming practices.

Livestock Worrying and Conservation Efforts

Livestock worrying poses a serious threat to the well-being of animals in the Mournes, with reported cases on the rise. The impact of dog attacks extends beyond immediate suffering to livestock, causing financial, emotional, and time-related burdens for farmers. In addition to livestock, fragile plant life and ground-nesting bird habitats are at risk from off-leash dogs. The Mournes are home to ten species of ground-nesting birds, whose nests are vulnerable to disturbance and destruction by roaming pets.

Educational Initiatives

To address these challenges, a collaborative effort involving farmers, dog trainers, dog owners, and conservation organizations has produced an educational video emphasizing the importance of leash laws in the Mournes. This initiative seeks to promote responsible dog ownership and safeguard the region’s natural environment. The video will be showcased at the upcoming Castlewellan Show, where advocates will reinforce the message of conservation and wildlife protection.

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Matt Lyons

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